Information on the use of cookies

When visiting the Vacasol website various cookies will be placed on your computer. A cookie is a small text file that helps us to ensure that the website will work as well as possible. In short, cookies are necessary to offer you the best possible user experience.

Cookies are harmless. They need almost no space and do not cause any damage to your computer. The cookies set by Vacasol on your computer will not be relevant with regard to any other websites you visit. They will only work in connection with Vacasol.

You decide yourself whether you accept the placing of any cookies on your computer.
Moreover, you will have the opportunity to delete any cookies that have already been stored on your computer. However, if you decide to do so, you should consider that your user experience will be affected hereby.

If you visit the Vacasol website, we will place various types of cookies on your computer.

Please find below further information about the different cookies.

Session cookies

A session cookie is used in order to make your visit to a website as easy and simple as possible. For example, we use cookies for displaying any topics you have added to your favorites bar. Session cookies are also used in order to retrieve information, e.g. the search criteria chosen by you. Thus, the same criteria will be prevented from being entered several times when you go through the website.

Permanent cookies

Permanent cookies mean that we can identify that you have already visited our website at an earlier point of time. This will offer us the opportunity to help you after your first visit to the website. For example, you will be shown all favorites chosen by you on the occasion of an earlier visit to the website.

Preference cookies

This sort of cookie is used by us for offering you a better user experience by enabling the website to remember what search operations you have carried out. Thus, the same information will be prevented from being entered several times when you go through the website.

Statistic cookies related to operation, analysis and optimisation

We use various cookies in order to see how the users act on the website. Moreover, different cookies are used in order to ensure that your visit will be as good and smooth as possible.

We use Google Analytics in order to gather information about the usage of the website. The details gained will help us to implement improvements that will offer you and any other visitors to the website a better user experience with Vacasol. All data will be gathered in an anonymous way. Therefore, we will not be able to allocate these data to any specific user. The data will only be used in order to give us an insight into how to design our website in a better way.

The anonymised data that are collected in this way will be transmitted to Google where they will be stored. Please note that your IP address will be part of the data sent to Google.

You will have the opportunity to refuse that Google Analytics will gather any information about the usage of the website. For this purpose, you can use the following site:

Marketing cookies

When visiting the Vacasol website a cookie will be used to show from which website you have come, e.g. whether you have come from a search engine, such as Google, or from any other website.

Vacasol advertises via Google Adwords. On the one hand, such advertisements are displayed on Google´s own websites and, on the other hand, on websites that have concluded contracts with Google with regard to the display of any advertisements. Such advertisements may include both those with texts and pictures.

When visiting the Vacasol website a cookie will be placed on your computer making the display of Google Adwords advertisements by Vacasol on any other websites possible (remarketing). On the Network Advertising Initiatives you may prohibit to have such types of advertisements displayed.
Moreover, we refer to our Guidelines on the Protection of Personal Data.

Should you have any questions or wish to comment on our usage of cookies, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please send an email to: